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Facilities available at the Banamalipur Technical Training Institute.


A. Lab Facilities :

The Labs are well designed to provide a congenial environment for learning. The Lab are equipped with a range of the art computers. and Instrument to provide practical classes.


B. Faculty :

Our expert and experienced faculties are drawn from the industry. They are friendly and the students can expect the benifit from their focus our relating theoretical issues to their business applications.


C. Study Meterial :

The students are given exhastive study materials which is designed to benefit the students not only during the course but also as a reference tools in their future career.


D. Students Feed back :

Feed back sheets are circutated to the participating students after the end each topic, providing an opportunity for the students to comment on the teaching or the contents of the topic.


E. Examination/Evaluation Process :

After the end of each topic a theoretical and a practical exam is held on each subject. Judging by the performances of these examinations the grads are awarded at the end of the course.


F. Award of Certificate :

A certificate will be issued on successful completion of training.